The Club Between Dimensions || thisonegoesto9 & im-not-a-what


Stifling a small laugh as he recovered from choking she hung up her mic and approached the bar.

"Hello there stranger. You’re new here, what brings you around these parts?" She took the seat next to him, giving the bar a tab as she did and the purple haired girl immediately pop up with a drink in hand placing it on the counter beside her.

It was less of a surprise now to watch her come down from the stage and claiming the seat beside him. Rumple found it no less distressing that he occupied her full attention, with no possibility of distraction from the otherwise vacant bar. Except for the bartender. But was she a real person, or just a puppet for effect?

"What usually brings people here? I’m not even sure where ‘here’ is." His fingers turned the glass round without picking it up off the counter. If only he knew whether he needed more alcohol or not to handle this situation. He did try to look the dark-haired woman in the eye. "I hope it’s not this dead every night."