//Sorry for being off today. The job search continues. Oh, and I watched The Mighty Celt for the first time last night. Bobby is so adorable/hot in it.

Happy end of September!

//So the internet at my place doesn’t seem to be working. Which means 1) can’t watch Gotham and 2) have to use mobile for tumblr. Well we’ll see how much I can do on here. Gonna have dinner first.

Wedding night ~



"Maybe it’s just here for the same reason we are…do you really need an answer? And even if there was something horrible here with this house then why would it want to harm me?" she said looking at him;"please…don’t start lying to me again, not now when you have shown me just how much your trust me" she said nodding towards her bag.

She moved closer and hugged him, her face resting against his shirt;”let’s go to bed…please” she said looking up at she kissed his lips softly as she tried to make him forget the magic and come with her, have him hold her again and celebrate their wedding. 

He’d been nearly prepared to spend the rest of the night on a sofa. That she still wanted him with her after his actions and excuses renewed the sting of guilt. Her reference to the dagger didn’t help.

"I’m sorry, sweetheart." For many things. "Yes, let’s. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. You have my word." He cupped her cheek and gave her a kiss in return. A smile somehow came back to him, all for Belle. "Lead the way."